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Meet the Captain

Hello everyone and welcome!

I seriously cannot remember my first fishing and hunting experiences. I can only remember that, as a child, I was always in the woods or on the water. I was so very blessed to be raised with a family that enjoyed the outdoors. Even today my wonderful family (Julie, Grace, and Kyle) enjoys camping and paddling.


Some of my earliest memories are of helping my grandmother fish. In her final years, diabetes had taken her sight, however it never took her desire to fish. I enjoyed countless hours of swatting grasshoppers and digging worms to bait her hook, then removing the fish and re-baiting. 


Operating boats and fishing both fresh and saltwater my entire life created my love for the water.  As a teenager I knew my career goal: I wanted to make my living in the woods, lakes, rivers, and bays. The best way to achieve this was to become a Texas Game Warden.  In 1992 I was selected to join the Texas Game Warden Academy in Austin, Texas, and that was the beginning of a wonderful career. Every day for 27 years was an adventure. I learned some of the vast beauties and awesome splendor of Texas, and much of this time was spent along the Gulf Coast. 


I retired in 2019 and have now started my own guide service. I would be honored if you, your friends and your family would come and spend a day or two with me. We will fish some spectacular spots in your choice of Galveston, Matagorda, and Espiritu Santo Bays. I enjoy fishing with beginners as well as advanced fishermen because I enjoy teaching as well as learning from others.


If you noticed my logo you, will see a compass. That is the compass that I carried in my pocket all throughout my career. It has led me in and out of many remote areas of Texas. I want to be your guide and help you explore many remote and wild places, however you wish.

Please feel free to contact me by phone, text, or email. Tell me what you want to do and I will try my hardest to make it happen.

Work Hard, Play Hard, Make Memories!!! That is how we live at Glass Guide Service LLC


Questions? Ask the Captain.

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